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Struggling to get the message of your tech product across?

You've built a cutting-edge product, it's going to disrupt your market but... people just aren't getting it. Technical teams can struggle to get their product in the hands of their customers and convey the right messages that helps them sell.

I help tech teams unravel the jargon, find their route-to-market and rub shoulders with their ideal customers.
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Just looking for a plan of action for your business?

I've helped businesses audit their current marketing operations and produce them with an actionable marketing plan for them to action internally.

Build your brand

Show your businesses unique personality, mission and offerings with a bespoke brand.

Your Head of Marketing:

Looking for a creative sidekick with the commercial skills to elevate your marketing strategy? I act as a fractional Head of Marketing for tech businesses who need an extra helping hand.

Marketing resources

The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing Your Head of Marketing

Marketing Templates For Busy Teams

"Jargon Or Not To Jargon?" This Is The Copy Question.

Need to chat things through?

I'm Jess, founder of The Marketing Plot and a Certified Digital Marketing Leader for B2B businesses. Book a 1-hour consultancy call with me to unpick strategies, brainstorm new ideas and gain actionable next steps for your business.

Jess Saumarez, founder of tech businesses, marketing consultant and CEO of The Marketing Plot.

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