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Get Your Marketing Strategy Straight

Audit your marketing funnel and get actionable next steps for growth

A strategy skeleton is a comprehensive audit of your company's marketing activities, linking your business goals to your marketing efforts. It involves analysing your current data, identifying your desired outcomes, studying your competitors' activities, and suggestion ways to improve. It outlines a marketing funnel proposal with key campaigns you can launch.

It ultimately provides leadership teams with actionable insights for their marketing activities that they can execute internally or with external support.

How will we work together?

Data collection

First step is analysing your current data. This generally includes social media, website and CRM (sales) data. This is so I can build a picture of where you're at.


Don't know where your marketing data is and how to analyse it? Check out this quick guide:

Question time

We get together where I can get into the mind of the CEO and leadership team. It's essential that the aims of the business are aligned with the marketing strategy, key competitors are outlined and personas are discussed.


Check out how I help leadership teams as an outsourced Head of Marketing:

The strategy

I'll produce an audit of your business and design your own bespoke marketing funnel with actionable next steps for growth. We'll discuss the strategy to make sure that it's understood.


Looking for a quick win in your business and on a budget? Discover my top 3 tips for time-strapped entrepreneurs:

Discover the best areas to invest in

Given your size and budget, and the bahaviour of your target market, where should your business invest its time and effort?

Make sure that your marketing and sales are aligned and spot areas to improve

All roads should point to generating quality leads for your business.

Ensure that your marketing is supporting the business goals rather than checking a box

Stop posting online for the sake of it, and get a clearer picture of your data and strategy behind any activities you carry out.

Arming yourself with a plan of action that you can implement straight away

With your new strategy, you will have a clear picture of what to implement within your business in the coming weeks, months or year to ensure your business success.

The Marketing Plot's comprehensive marketing audit and strategy report empowered HUSK Kitchens to drive growth - find out how.

Say hello

A consultancy call to help steer your strategy

Let's talk marketing. Book in a 1:1 chat with me to unpick strategies, brainstorm new ideas and give you actionable next steps for your business.

Jess Saumarez, founder of tech businesses, marketing consultant and CEO of The Marketing Plot.