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Building your brand

Your brand is your identity: make it as unique as you are

How will your customers recognise and recall your business? How will you cut through the noise of your industry? There's more to a brand than just looking good. I help you articulate your difference and give your brand a competitive edge.

3 steps to creating your new brand

Discovery phase

What makes your business unique? Who are your selling to? What's your business's core mission and vision? And what have your stakeholders got to say? This discovery phase allows us to fully understand your business and uncover core insights in your market.


This phase allows us to collaborate on building a clearer picture of what you need your brand to convey and avoid any mistakes further down the road.

The workshop

The fun part! We get together to present findings, explore creative avenues and carry out exercises to get the creative juices flowing.


Are we on the same page about your brand archetype? Together, we build the personality of your new brand to establish how it's going to sound and feel.

The delivery

We go away and create your new brand; from the way it looks, to your tone-of-voice guidelines, to key messaging insights. We make sure you have the time to make any amendments to get it spot on.


Your brand book is delivered in Notion and PDF format. Want to see what that looks like? There's a downloadable Notion Brand Book you can explore...

Website build

I have the project management skills and expertise to deliver you a brand spanking new website that showcases your new brand.

Social media templates

Need easily editable social media templates in your new branding? Not a problem.

A bank of assets to use in your marketing

Perhaps you need bespoke photos or illustrations, or perhaps, we've established you need freely accessible stock imagery and icons.

Sales materials

Need help bringing your new brand over to your sales team? I help you develop your sales materials, from decks to business cards using your new brand messaging and creatives.

CASE STUDY: Building A New Brand And Website Design For Data Consultants

Let's talk

A consultancy call about your brand

Are you looking for a steer about your brand? Unsure whether it needs a complete change or maybe just a lick of paint? Book in a 1:1 chat with me to chat below!

Jess Saumarez, founder of tech businesses, marketing consultant and CEO of The Marketing Plot.