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Building A New Brand And Website Design For Data Consultants

DATA³ needed to elevate their brand to appeal to their target market and give their business and lick of modern paint.

About the business

With offices in New Zealand and the UK, DATA³ are not your typical Big 4 or tech consultants. They work with disruptive businesses to spot areas of opportunity in their data, confidently establishing a unified and authoritative source of information which can be readily accessed and acted upon, anytime and anywhere.

The problem

DATA³ had identified that their brand was not keeping up with their business, and as a result, they were coming across as too corporate. They recognised the need for a brand that was playful, bold, and vibrant while still retaining their original logo. The company was looking for a visual identity that would reflect the kinds of clients they help with their data services: disruptors in their industry who are challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

The solution

The Marketing Plot collaborated with the team at DATA³ to design a new brand book. The book updated their messaging, visual identity, and brand pyramid. Additionally, it provided them with improved designs for their website, which they could build internally.

Jess is a powerhouse of creativity, guiding brands to reach their full potential. Collaborating with her was an absolute pleasure, her expertise and support were invaluable in rejuvenating our brand as we continue our growth journey. Thank you, Jess!

Helen Ward, Head of Marketing

Stage 1: The Information Brain Dump

To kickstart the project, The Marketing Plot and DATA³ got together to discuss the business. They talked about the story behind the business, their ambitions for the future, their customers, the marketplace and the culture they have built within their business. This would facilitate the design process to create a visual direction for DATA³, and allow the team at The Marketing Plot to get a good idea of where they were and where they wanted to go.

Stage 2: The Brand Direction

The team took some time to brainstorm and come up with unique brand directions that they presented to DATA³ for review. These directions were tailored specifically to DATA³ and were based on the information gathered during the "brain dump" phase. By presenting multiple options, the team at DATA³ was able to explore and assess a variety of visual identities before deciding on the best approach. This allowed for a more thorough and thoughtful decision-making process, ensuring that the final result would be one that truly reflected the essence and values of DATA³.

Stage 3: The Brand Book

The collaboration of the teams was thorough in order to build a comprehensive and effective brand book for DATA³. The book included all the necessary elements to take the brand to the next level, from carefully crafted colour palettes that would accurately depict DATA³'s image, to modern fonts that would make the brand stand out from the competition. The team also carefully curated imagery that would be cohesive with the brand's overall message and vision. The website design was another key component of the brand book. Once the brand book was approved, the team could confidently move onto stage 4 and begin developing the website images, secure in the knowledge that all the necessary groundwork had been laid.

Stage 4: Website Design

The final stage of The Marketing Plot's project was to transform the brand book into a website design. This was a crucial step for DATA³, as they were seeking a user-friendly design on Figma that could be easily developed on WordPress. The team worked diligently to incorporate the visual elements from the brand book into the existing site, ensuring that the new designs conveyed the brand's unique energy and personality.

In addition, the team conducted extensive market research to identify the latest trends and preferences in website design, which helped them create a cutting-edge design that stood out from the competition. They also collaborated closely with DATA³'s marketing team to ensure that the new website design effectively communicated the company's message and values to its target audience.

"I loved working with the team at DATA³: They're an ambitious and energetic team who was really enthusiastic to take their visual identity to the next level and arm themselves with a brand that will stand the test of time. Their marketing team have worked really hard to bring DATA³ to life and have done an excellent job. If you're looking to uncover insights in your data then I would not hesitate in recommending them!"

Jess Saumarez, founder of tech businesses, marketing consultant and CEO of The Marketing Plot.

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