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Attract and retain talent by boosting your employer brand

Attracting and retaining talent isn't easy.

Attract, recruit, retain and engage the right people by showcasing your unique story and the culture you have built in your business. I help you positively change the dialogue surrounding your business and implement best practices.

3 steps to creating your new brand

Setting your goals

Are you looking for more speculative CVs through your website? Maybe you're looking to attract specific talent? Or are you wanting to reduce the time and cost to hire?


Check out the free Notion hiring template to help your team with the interview process.

Identify your employee personas

I help you define the characteristics of your perfect candidate, who can compliment the culture you're looking to build.


Not sure what personas are? Here's a handy guide and template just for you.

Research your employee value proposition (EVP)

I'll define the essence of your business and solidify your employee value proposition. From this, a strategy can be created.


Check out the guide on the benefits of an employee value proposition.

Website showcase pages

Is your website showcasing your culture? Can candidates easily find a place to discover your live roles? Is that place enticing enough to make them want to apply?

Video reel of your brand culture

Shout about your culture from the rooftops with a video reel that showcases your mission, vision and employee testimonials.

Employee ambassador scheme

Employees are already experts on your brand, committed to your values and serve your customers: Equip them with the tools to promote your brand offline and online.

Rework your recruitment process

From posting about a new position all the way to onboarding a new member of your team, take a fresh look at your recruitment process.

Encouraging your employees to post online? Check out the free social media policy in The Marketing Plot shop

Say hello

A consultancy call to help steer your strategy

Let's talk marketing. Book in a 1:1 chat with me to unpick strategies, brainstorm new ideas and give you actionable next steps for your business.

Jess Saumarez, founder of tech businesses, marketing consultant and CEO of The Marketing Plot.